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20 questions to evaluate a digital marketing agency

1. What is Digital Marketing, internet or online marketing?

Marketing means promoting your business. Digital marketing is a technique to introduce yourself to millions of people out there. Spreading information through different sources such as blogs, Facebook posts, youtube videos, etc., that you have a product or service to sell or offer.

Yes, there are ancient marketing prints, press, media, posters, newspapers, etc. Then, what is so different about doing marketing on digital platforms. We all rely on apps and social media channels for various products and services. Even many people order rations online. Digital marketing is a way you can sell from anywhere. Doctors use online marketing to connect with patients and educate people about diseases and treatments.

What are the seven types of digital marketing?

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Content Marketing

5. Email Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Marketing Analytics

8. Affiliate Marketing

Exhibiz Marketing is the best digital marketing company in Gurugram. Connect with Exhibiz Marketing to do something great using digital marketing.

2. Would my company benefit from digital marketing?

Yes, your company can get uncountable benefits from digital marketing if you hire the best digital marketing company in Gurugram. There is a misconception that digital marketing is only for brands and corporate businesses. Fortunately, internet marketing is broad enough to benefit a tailor and big brands like Tata Motors, Meena Bazaar, etc. For example, an English teacher is now potent to educate online. Due to covid, children are the ones who are suffering the most. Many parents cannot afford to pay online fees to educate their children. But, many teachers are on YouTube and make videos to educate poor children. If a school teacher or a tailor can benefit from digital marketing, so can anyone. Not everyone can afford to give lacs to agencies for digital marketing. That is why Exhibiz Marketing is here for you. Their affordable A+ marketing services make them the best digital marketing company in Gurugram.

3. What are the typical roles within a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing is not as easy as shelling peas. Agencies employ expert marketers to provide A+ services to clients. An individual can't become an expert in graphic design, web design, SEO, copywriting, or planning. For this reason, Exhibiz Marketing employs expert marketers to create a strong team. Now that you know what digital marketing is and its seven types, you might be wondering how digital marketing agencies perform. If you are opting for a career in digital marketing, here are a few areas and job roles for you.

1. Project manager
2. Strategist
3. Content writer
4. Graphic designer
5. SEO specialist
6. Pay-per-click (PPC) manager
7. Front-end developer
8. Email marketing
9. Marketing automation specialist
10. Social media manager

4. What is SEO?

SEO, search engine optimization is to help a website or piece of content shown on pages 1,2,3 on different search engines. Google is a search engine where you use a search bar to search for something specific. Let's make it more simple for you to understand. The content google show you on the top of the pages are content, which gets that place on Google is an SEO thing.

Now is SEO important for your website to rank higher?

Yes, it is one of the essential digital marketing things without which your website cannot work well to generate leads. No SEO means zero traffic to your website, no organic leads, and no leads mean no business. Exhibiz Marketing ranks higher on Google and is the best digital marketing company in Gurugram for SEO services.

5. What are keywords?

The words you use to search for something on Google are the keywords. Keywords are ideas that define your entire content. SEO experts decide which keyword is relevant and potent enough to include in content to rank your website on Google.

Now, why are keywords crucial for SEO and content?

Lacs of websites is on Google to find their way to get more traffic. However, some get success to rank higher on search engines. That is the power of using relevant keywords in your content and website.

6. How often should I update my website?

Update your website as often as you feel it needs updating. It is pricey to update your website every week or month. However, minor website updates are easy to perform every day. For big ones like website content or design, you can employ Exhibiz marketing. It is one of the best digital marketing companies in Gurugram that make things like website updating easy for you. The team understand your website goals or priorities and optimize them according to new SEO updates.

If you have an e-commerce or service website, try to update it with new blogs, designs, graphics, or videos. This is to impress your existing clients and entertain new ones.

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7. Do I require a blog?

Of course, blogging is necessary for digital marketing. Without blogs, you cannot educate your audience about what you think, believe, produce, offer, and many more. Blogging is more than marketing. It is educating people about your business. Why do they need your services? How are you different from your competitors? What is new in your services?

Through blogs, you can share the best about your services or products. There are on and off-page blogging. On page blogs post on your website, which should be engaging enough to increase traffic. Off-page blogs are third-party blogs posted on other platforms to attract traffic to the website.

There is one more thing about blogs, that they allow you to write. If you can write and create content, do it for your website. Or you can connect with Exhibiz Marketing for content marketing.

8. How often should I post on social media?

Facebook: one time per day or five times per week

Twitter: three to five times per day

LinkedIn: one time per day

Instagram: one time per day

How often should I post on social platforms?

The answer depends on the type of work you do. If you are into the clothing business, cosmetics or wholesales, you should post something daily to entertain your audience. On the other hand, too much posting can also decrease the interest of your audience. On top of this, positing too rare is also perilous for your business. Companies study to comprehend the best time to post on various social platforms. Exhibiz Marketing gives you an idea of how often to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Post on Facebook

1. Two posts per day on Facebook is a sweet post.

2. More than 10,000 followers on Facebook demands posting more than once per day.

3. Less than 10,000 followers on Facebook should publish twice per day.

4. Brands with a huge number of followers increase engagement nearly double via positing 1-5 times per month.

Post on Twitter

1. Post as often as you like.

2. 15-20 minutes is an average lifetime of a tweet.

3. To get fame on tweeter, Tweet periodically throughout the day.

4. To see higher engagement on each tweet, post between 1 - 5 tweets per day.

Post on Instagram

1. Instagram is all about visuals.

2. It is a little intimidating for small businesses.

3. One image, quote, or reel is enough to post on Instagram every day.

Post on LinkedIn

1. It is a professional networking site.

2. This platform is to provide and get work.

3. Three posts every week are enough for LinkedIn.

9. What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is the process to guide the right customers to your company. This marketing works before an individual converts into a customer to make a purchase. Inbound marketing is generally to create brand awareness and organic leads. This marketing performs well under the best digital marketing company in Gurugram, where experts are available for brand awareness and attracting customers. Inbound marketing is also about curating new methods for developing relationships with customers for generating business.

10. Which social media platforms should my business be prefer?

It depends on the type of business or service you are offering. If you are into the education business, Facebook is where you can promote it the best. Facebook is a family oriented platform where you can interact with parents looking for the best tutor for their children.

On the other hand, if you are into fashion and cosmetics Instagram, and Snapchat will be best for you. LinkedIn is for more professionals; you can use it for brand awareness, educate your customers, and generate business. If we talk about YouTube, it is for everyone. YouTube is the only platform to get business without being logical. Here, you can show your entertaining side to your audience and encourage them to connect with you.

In a nutshell, each individual has something unique to show similarly each social media has its uniqueness and importance for your business.

11. Is email marketing still effective?

Email marketing has lost its charm. New social media platforms have chewed email marketing. Email marketing is a lazy way to generate leads. Your email is ended up in the spam box. Yes, this is email marketing now.

Email marketing has four parts - Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails, and Promotional Emails. Thousands of businesses still believe in email marketing. A variety of industries are unfamiliar with the benefits of email marketing. Here are ten reasons why Exhibiz Marketing considers email marketing the most effective marketing method.

Investing in an email list is something to get business swiftly. There are numerous social media platforms for people names and email addresses with one hand tied behind one's back. People open to investing in new businesses only need clear facts and content.

Here are the three reasons you should dissuade yourself from investing in any email list for business.

1. How are you so sure that the quality of the list is trustable?

The names of the people on the list mostly have not been chosen to be on any list. What if you get out of date information? You may receive a list of abandoned email addresses. What if you get the wrong names for individuals on the list?

2. You cannot afford to become across as a spammer

No one would like to connect with you if they receive unsolicited emails from your end. Your marketing message will be stored in your audience spam box, and chances are high they will delete those emails. When your customer receives a lot of mails from your side, he will probably mark you as spam.

3. If too many emails from your side are marked as spam, it will give your email service provide a negative review. He may close your account or take legal action.

12. What questions should I ask before locking a deal with a digital marketing agency?

The following questions make your action easy to find the best digital marketing company in Gurugram.

13. Is social media marketing effective for B2C or B2B marketing?

B2B and B2C are terms used for different marketing. B2B is business to business marketing means business is direct dealing or pitching a business to invest in the product or service. On the other hand, B2C is business to consumer marketing means selling your product or service directly to the customer.

There are different social media marketing for B2B and B2C. Yes, social media marketing is an effective way to get the best results for B2B and B2C. Social media marketing is a way to reach your target audience and make them aware of your business, services, or products.

Yes, Snapchat and Twitter are also parts of social media marketing channels. And, Exhibiz Marketing, which is the best digital marketing company in Gurugram, plan your B2B or B2C social media marketing strategies based on your business culture and the platform.

14. Is YouTube important for marketing?

Yes, YouTube is a platform to communicate with people. We never know the person who is watching your channel video on YouTube is your future customer. Below, we have mentioned the reasons businesses are investing in YouTube marketing.

In a nutshell, YouTube marketing is the best way businesses promote their products, services, vision, and mission online. For YouTube strategic marketing, you should connect with the best digital marketing company in Gurugram, like Exhibiz Marketing.

15. Should each department in my company have its own social media initiative?

There are departments to handle different initiatives in a business. If you have a digital marketing team to run your social media marketing, please believe in them. Avoid giving each department its own social media initiative because it will mislead your audience.

The following are the departments made to handle marketing things for your company.

These departments have the expertise in creating marketing strategies and representing your company on different internet marketing platforms. On the other hand, you can also believe in Exhibiz Marketing, the best digital marketing company in Gurugram.

16. How much time should social media marketing take to show results?

The results depend on the type of content you upload on social media platforms. Also, your marketing strategies play a crucial role in your social media success. With the best digital marketing company in Gurugram, you can deal with social media challenges and get the results you have planned.

17. What are some social media marketing mistakes businesses make?

The three major mistakes most companies are doing unintentionally.

LinkedIn and Instagram are two completely different platforms, one is more professional, and the other is for fun and entertainment. So for each social media platform, businesses should create different strategies and content.

Content connection is vital to gain your audience trust. Your social media platforms should be connected to your website, blogs, and other marketing channels.

Content is the mobile of a business, which connect you with different people. So, try to create unique content—entertaining, educating, and engaging.

What are some general tips for social media marketing success?

Here are fifteen social media marketing tips to increase traffic on your social media platforms.

Each social media platform requires a unique marketing strategy. So, connect with the best digital marketing company in Gurugram, Exhibiz Marketing for social media success.

19. What qualifies as content?

Content is to educate your audience about your brand, product, or service. It is one of the crucial marketing tools of internet marketing. So, do not compromise with the content. Check twice before sharing a blog, post, landing page, or another form of content. This is the way you are sharing vital information with your audience. So, your content should be specific, engaging, unique, free from errors, and educative.

20. How can you make your digital marketing strong?

Hire the experts!

If you hire experts who are good at their work, everything will be strategized and performed perfectly. Exhibiz Marketing agency is the best marketing company in Gurugram and has gained the trust of thousands of clients. The following are some reasons you should connect with Exhibiz Marketing.